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Insight into own qualities and motives


The focus is on your own energy and your process.



A no-obligation introduction

We basically start with a short conversation free of charge -  just to get acquainted.

The therapy

The therapy starts with clarifying your questions and looking together for the underlying themes.

Together with you I will look for deeper causes behind your questions, so that a change starts from within and balance is restored with yourself and your environment.

Analytical therapy helps you take your own place again.

Frequency and duration

In consultation with you, we determine the frequency of the conversations.

The duration of a process depends on the complexity of your question and your personal goals.

Each consultation takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Sustainable change

Analytical therapy tackles problems at their roots. This makes it very effective and has a long-lasting effect.

Psychological complaints and life problems are usually a result of unconscious inner conflicts.


The therapy/coaching aimes at discovering those unconscious causes in order to find a new balance that can move along in your future.

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