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Insight into own qualities and motives


Lonely - Stress - Depressed - Insecure - Fear -Relationship problem?

Analytical therapy has been proven effective to:

  • come back into your personal power

  • to find peace again

  • to stand firmly in the world again 

  • to cope also in the future with changes

Analytical therapy

The depth psychology is the starting point for analytic therapy

The unconscious controls more than 90% of our behavior.

When depth psychology is applied, we work on insight and integration of contradictions and making connections between consciousness and the unconscious.


​Analytical therapy

Analytical therapy is a practical application of depth psychology and goes deeper than behavioral change. Only behavioral solutions, which are not focused on the underlying  energies which cause problems, often only provide a temporary improvement.


The analytical therapist works with so-called insightful and integrative methods.In addition to the conversation techniques, we work with  working methods such as dream analysis, active imaginations and creative expressions. But also methods such as Cognitive behavioral therapy or for example EMDR have their position in the analytical process.

Relationship therapy within analytic therapy

Too little individual space for each partner, too little communal space
A relationship is rarely just great.
Most (excellent) relationships can be called "good". If the relationship feels good, you have a good relationship with yourself and with your partner, where there is room for each partner personally and mutual attention for the common space.


But sometimes there is not enough space for each partner  and between the partners. I would be happy to help you find that necessary space to move again.

In addition to the joint sessions, there are when necessary also individual sessions to clarify the personal energies that are brought into the relationship.


Sustainable change

Psychological complaints as wel as relationship problems are usually a result of unconscious inner conflicts.

Analytical therapy is aimed at discovering the unconscious causes of the problems in order to find a new balance that can move into the future. 


You are welcome for a no-obligation  introduction or for more information.

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