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For sustainable and professional solutions 

For insight into

own qualities and motivations

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. Usually you can recover on your own.

But sometimes that is so intense that you can't get out without help.

You have no energy to deal with your life questions, block your relationships with others and

your emotions are controlled by your thoughts and fears.

Search no longer!

We are happy to help you:

  • to find the meaning of your life again 

  • to retain your energy

  • to restore the balance between your rational thoughts and feelings

  • to be able to grow again from the experienced contradictions in your life

Become aware of the underlying, unconsciously driving energy of your issues.

Analytical therapy provides effective solutions and insights to deal with imbalance in the future.



Contact for a introductory meeting or more information.

Louis Reyers

Beek (municipality of Montferland)

Mobile 06 - 46034531


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JI Depth Psychologist ® (MSc),

RBCZ register therapist ®

Complementary Quality Therapist ®

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