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Insight into own qualities and motives

Health insurance reimbursements

Depending on your health insurer and policy conditions, the costs of psychosocial help can be reimbursed by the (supplementary) health insurance. 

Check with your health insurer whether you are eligible for reimbursement.

When you contact your health insurer, make sure you have my AGB health care provider code at hand.

Rates and Fees

Prices (*)
Individual therapy consultations € 90 (no VAT due)
Consultations with several people / relationship therapy € 140 (excluding VAT)
Business rate € 140 (excluding VAT)

If you have limited financial resources, please contact me. We will then discuss together whether an adjusted rate is possible.

AB codes

My therapist AGB code : 90/102439

My AGB code of my practice: 90/061884


Quality assurance

To guarantee the quality of my work as a therapist / coach, I am affiliated with:

  • the Professional Association of Complementary Quality Therapists (registration no. CK64462021-10-26)

  • the Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care (RBCZ license no.170822R)

  • the disputes committee GAT 

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